Outpatient Opiate Detox Treatment in San Francisco Bay Area

The Center for Disease Control reports that deaths by poisoning from opiate painkillers went up by 300% from 1999 to 2006. This gives some indication of the dangerous and difficult challenge posed by opiates, whether that means heroin or prescription medications like OxyContin, Fentanyl or Morphine. These are amongst the trickiest drugs to come off because they are powerful painkillers which can produce euphoric highs and their addictive grip is notoriously difficult to break.

It can be broken through, and a happier life without addiction is possible. Many have taken this journey already, but drug detoxification is still a frightening prospect to many drug users who want to escape dependency. They often fear the process of withdrawal itself but also wonder how they will cope long-term in a life without drugs to cushion the blows.

At our outpatient opiate detox facility, we walk with you through the trials of withdrawal, guide you beyond the yearning for opiates and help you to emerge in a place of clear physical and mental health.

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Getting Help

Trying to detox from opiates without assistance is not recommended. Higher doses over longer periods of time lead to more severe withdrawal symptoms, so it is important to have appropriate support in place. The Bay Addiction Detox Center provides a safe and comfortable environment where our clients can safely embark on their quest for an addiction-free living.

Our team has helped many patients escape from a life held back by prescription opiates. They have the knowledge and experience to assess all the variables and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.

If you or a loved one are in need of help or information, please don’t hesitate. Call us today.