Alcohol Addiction Treatment in San Francisco Bay Area

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At Bay Area Treatment Center, our approach to treating alcoholism is much similar to how we treat drug addiction. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, in which you treat the patient’s physical and mental afflictions. Our on-site staff will be thorough in their evaluation of any new patient who walks through our doors, and with the help of physicians, will create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Each patient has access to their own, assigned physician here at Bay Area Treatment. Along with the counselors, they’re here to help you through detox, and all the way up to completion from our outpatient program. Our staff will help you all along the way, so you can get back to your life quickly, and comfortably.

What is Addiction to Alcohol?

Is it really a problem?

Alcoholism is what we call an addiction to alcohol. Unlike illicit drugs and prescription drug abuse, alcohol is legal. This makes it hard for people to see addiction as it’s happening because alcohol has become a social norm.

But alcohol is a highly addictive substance and can lead to a life of painful misery. Casual use of alcohol can lead to worse levels along the addiction spectrum, ultimately ending in a daily habit, where the afflicted person can’t function physically without it.

Some of the most common characteristics of active alcoholism are:

  • Ability to control, or moderate drinking
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms, such as morning sickness or shakes
  • Isolation, depression, and the continual use of alcohol even when negative consequences due to drinking occur
  • Loss of motivation
  • Serious legal and personal consequences, such as DUIs or job loss directly associated with alcohol consumption

There are an estimated 18 million adults that suffer from alcoholism in the US. Do you, or someone you know, suffer from an addiction to alcohol? If the above signs relate to you or a loved one, please contact us directly at 866-530-5486.

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Alcoholism or Problem Drinking?

Are they the same?

There is a debate in the treatment community about the differences between alcohol abuse and addiction. Abuse usually refers to drinking habits that are unhealthy, but do not take away from an individual’s daily functions, or well-being (see characteristics of alcoholism above).

Those who drink regularly may experience certain adverse effects but do so without risking their lives, job, relationships, or safety.

Problem drinkers usually exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Going on drinking binges for several days
  • Slight interference in work and personal relationships, leading to minor consequences
  • Willfully drinking more than intended
  • Using alcohol to cope with everyday stressors

Not every problem drinker graduates to full-on alcoholism, but they can suffer consequences that drastically affect their lives.

What are the Main Causes of Alcohol Addiction

A mix of physical and environmental influences

Consumption of alcohol over time can lead to serious health risks, regardless of a predisposition to addiction. Alcohol alters the brain’s chemical balance and can result in minor cases of depression and ill-health in the short term.

However, those that continue to use alcohol consistently, on an unhealthy level can build a long-term tolerance to it. This, mixed with anyone looking to self-medicate and cope with life by ingesting alcohol, can spell disaster for those prone to addiction.

As we said before, not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic, but there are several qualities we see daily that are usually telltale signs of alcoholism. A person might have:

        • Begun their drinking career at a very young age
        • A family history of addiction, or alcoholism
        • Early childhood trauma, and been exposed to drugs and alcohol
        • Experience stressful environments, in either youth or adulthood that leads to seeking ways to cope

Individuals who struggle mental health issues, anxiety, depression, or any other mood disorders are also at a high risk of turning to alcohol for relief.

Alcohol Detox in SF Bay Area Now

Our individualized treatment programs are 100% safe, medically current, and our staff is made up of a team of addiction experts. This means that you or your loved one gets the proper care they need to detox from alcohol safely, and comfortably.

Not only that, our outpatient treatment programs allow you to live, work, and deal with your responsibilities while getting help. You get the same top-shelf treatment that rehabilitation can provide, and still deal with life’s responsibilities.

For additional information about our alcohol detox treatment programs, please call us and confidentially speak to our addiction specialists right away 866-530-5486.