Our Doctors

Dr. Nani Kanen is a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment expert in SF Bay Area

Dr. Nani Kanen is a board certified MD in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine. She also specializes in pain management. She is the Medical Director of the Mills-Peninsula Hospital Chemical Dependency department, leading both, inpatient & outpatient units.

Dr. Kanen has a private practice, serving patients in Burlingame, California area, and surrounding communities.

Dr. Kanen attended Tbilisi, Georgia State Medical University Faculty of Medicine and completed her internship at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of New York.

Dr. Kanen also completed her Residency in Internal Medicine at the NYU affiliated Hospital in New York. She is currently affiliated with Mills-Peninsula Health Center in Burlingame & San Mateo, California.

Dr. Kanen practices addiction medicine & provides the treatment, counseling, detox & withdrawal management, as well as pain management in the office, with the options of prompt inpatient hospitalization & personal follow-up, if the need arises for these patients, with excellent standing at Mills-Peninsula hospital center as a Board-certified Internal Medicine as well as Board Certified Addiction specialist.

Dr. Kanen was an assistant professor of medicine and a clinical pharmacology instructor at City Hospital in Tbilisi, Georgia, Europe. She completed her fellowship in Internal Medicine with an emphasis in Cardiology at the City Hospital #1 in Moscow.

DR. Kanen also is very actively involved in the teaching of Addition Medicine & reaching out to the patients & their families, giving regular lectures & workshops at the Mills hospital Chemical Dependency outpatient department, as well as in the medical community.

Dr. Kanen loves to travel, finds very interesting & exciting to see & explores the new places in the world.

The patients under Dr. Kanen will receive extremely dedicated, caring, the knowledgeable doctor with a non-judgmental approach of the patients’ needs & problems, with exquisite bedside manners and endless enthusiasm, passionate about Medicine in general, with a special passion in Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Ann Strain is a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment specialist in SF Bay Area

Ann Strain, PA-C, is a physician assistant who specializes in Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and Pain Management. She completed her physician assistant training at Stanford Medical School in 1994. Ann has extensive experience in outpatient and inpatient detoxification. She has admitting privileges for inpatient detox at Mills-Peninsula Chemical Dependency Unit.

She is fluent in Spanish. Her interests include traveling and volunteering on medical missions trips. She is on the board of Medical Servants International, a nonprofit organization which provides medical care to underserved populations in multiple countries including Africa and Central and South America.

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