Our Treatment Approach

The Bay Area Addiction Detox Center’s philosophy is grounded in empowering the individual to become addiction free through their own internal strength. We do this by giving them the best tools one could have, based on breakthroughs in neuroscience and addiction medicine.

By understanding the underlying cause of dependency, we can better direct you down the path to a better life. The approaches we take are holistic, multidisciplinary, and are designed to treat the whole person, on both the physical and mental level.

We use a combination of intensive therapy (solo and group), medications, and other counseling mediums. Our hope is that we attack addiction from all sides, that way you can have a fighting chance.

Addiction As A Disease

Addiction is classified as a disease and affects the body in the same way other illnesses would. It affects the entire person, biologically, psychologically, and socially, and needs to be treated as a disease on all these fronts.

Being able to understand addiction in this context is critical if treatment is to be administered. Addiction weaves its way into people’s lives so deep, that they have an incredibly hard time coming to terms with what is going on in their body.

Relapse is often due to poor treatment practices, ones the terminate prematurely or don’t treat the right aspects of addiction. We are dedicated to honing in on exactly what the underlying causes of chronic addiction are and treating them all, piece by piece.

Our Commitment To Customer Service

It is our passion to give people the help they need to take their lives back. We are committed to understanding you and your needs. You are the one fighting for your life; we are just here to show you the way. Our commitment to not only the best clinical care, but the best possible customer service, is unrivaled, and we’ll continue to do everything in our power to make sure you are adequately served as you begin your journey.

Our Relapse Prevention Program: Stay Sober Forever

At The Bay Area Addiction Detox Center, we have built in a relapse prevention program as part of treatment. What most treatment centers fail to realize, is that the real work begins when the patient completes their program and enters back into the real world.

This is why relapse prevention methods are employed throughout the process, all the way through completion. Treatment begins with detox, but it doesn’t end when the patient leaves the facility. Living life without drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process, and to make that journey easier, our relapse prevention methods focus in on problematic behaviors, expectations, and specialized coping mechanisms.