What Do We Offer?

At Bay Addiction Detox Center, we are committed to providing only the best care and treatment for substance abuse. Alcohol and drug addiction is a medical issue. Therefore it needs to be treated in a strict, medical fashion, and we pride ourselves on offering the most current and efficient forms of such treatment.

With addiction on the rise, we are dedicated to the study of addiction sciences, so we can better treat the root causes (not just the symptoms of) chemical dependency. Our expertise lies in helping those afflicted by Opioids, Meth, Heroin, prescription drugs, alcohol, and more…

Outpatient Detox Treatment Program

Addiction is a disease that manifests itself in the mind and body of a person who becomes physically and psychologically dependent on a substance, or the chemicals that substance induces. Over time, the addict or alcoholic ingest more and more of it to keep up with the body’s demand, and it starts to adjust to the chemical imbalances. The chemicals then become as necessary for regular body functions.

Eventually, the damage done to the body gets exponentially worse as the drugs eat away at its vital organs (think liver disease associated with alcoholism or heart disease related to street heroin use), central nervous system (such as damage done by methamphetamine), and mental functions. But it becomes so ingrained as part of the person’s system, that to take it away has grave consequences.

When an addict or alcoholic decides to be rid of their substance of choice, the body reacts in a way that it would if you were to deprive it of food or water. This is what leads to withdrawal, and all of the unpleasantness associated with it.

Withdrawal symptoms vary in their severity, and this is dependent on what substance is being purged, but what determines the severity, even more, is the amount of time they’ve been in the body’s system. A heroin addict who has been on drugs for a month will suffer far less than an alcoholic who has been drinking every day for ten years.

This means that sometimes the withdrawal process can be slightly uncomfortable, but overall manageable, and sometimes it can be extremely painful and life-threatening. A medical evaluation is necessary to determine this, and a detox center (like ours) is the best choice when seeking treatment for withdrawal.

As always, the medical detox process will vary on the individual, so a comprehensive program that is matched to the needs of the patient is a top priority.

Don’t wait to request more information on our detox treatment program. Please contact us right away if you would like to speak with one of our addiction specialists confidentially.