Drug & Alcohol Medication-Assisted Detox Treatment in SF Bay Area

Contact Addiction Treatment specialist in SF Bay Area What Is Detox and Why Do I Need It?

The first step in the rehabilitation process is detoxing, so your body can remove the drugs or alcohol from itself. This induces what’s known as a withdrawal, in which the body acclimates to not having drugs or alcohol in its system.

Detox is imperative to drug treatment success and provides a firm foundation on which long-term sobriety can be built and developed. Without proper professional implementation, detox can be dangerous, and in some cases fatal.

Our outpatient detox center provides different detoxification services that take into consideration a drug of dependence:

Under clinical supervision, you will be monitored during withdrawal, brought back to a more stable state, and when ready, will be sent to the next stage which ideally is a structured treatment program.

The user’s experience in detox will depend on many things, such as what kind of substance they are flushing, and how long they’ve been using it. With all of these factors considered, detox can take a few days, a few weeks, or a few months.

Medication is often used to help curb certain physical aspects of detox, but they do not completely eliminate them. We do our best to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable atmosphere for a new patient to come in and detox, as they take the first necessary step of their journey towards sobriety.

Medical detoxification’s aim is to safely manage the distressing physical symptoms associated with cessation of drug use. It’s only the first stage of addiction treatment, and by itself, it does not change thoughts and behaviors, but it’s a major step on the road to continued abstinence and for some, a highly beneficial preparation for ongoing drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Enjoy a better life after drugs — detox is the first step to living addiction-free.

WARNING: Detoxing without proper medical supervision can be fatal. Attempting to flush your system of drugs or alcohol yourself can lead to serious health consequences, and you run the risk of relapsing under the severe strain to your body and mind. If you’re serious about quitting drugs and alcohol, please work with a medical professional.

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How We Can Help

At Bay Addiction Detox Center, we treat a number of different addictions. Our patients go through a comprehensive detox program and then transitioned to a substance abuse recovery program. They are under care by qualified medical professionals, who are expertly trained to handle even the most severe types of addiction.

During the entire process, we work with each and every patient on an individual level, on not only their physical well-being but their mental health needs. Clients go through several evaluations and screenings, and we do our best to alleviate the physical cravings brought on by withdrawal, as well as any other mental issues such as suicidal thoughts and depression.

The measure of success in the addict’s life will be determined by their willingness to seek help and follow our programs all the way to the end. Getting sober is not easy, but we can help. To get back to their lives, without the chains of addiction holding them back, our patients need support and encouragement to fight their addiction. We provide the support; they supply an open mind and the desire to change.

Don’t Wait to Request More Information on Our Detox Treatment Program. Please contact us right away if you would like to speak with one of our addiction specialists confidentially.